Watch As The Oldest Land Creature In The World Gets Its Very First Bath!

Jonathan is 184-years-old, which makes him the oldest tortoise in the world. He has lived in the St. Helena Island for nearly two centuries. He recently had something very special happen to him. Dr. Joe Hollins is the veterinarian who gave Jonathan his first bath. He stated that he gave the tortoise a bath for aesthetic reasons. He removed moss and other things that had built up on Jonathan’s shell.

Dr. Hollins stated that Jonathan is one of the most famous residents in St. Helena, so he wants to show the tortoise some respect by bathing him. Jonathan first hatched from his egg in 1832. During this time, photography was not as popular as it is today. That is why no one took any photos of Jonathan until recently.

The average life expectancy of a tortoise is around 150 years, so Jonathan has already lived longer than expected. Dr. Hollins stated that he and Jonathan share a special bond. He gives Jonathan check-ups every week. Jonathan is also fed a diet of fruits and vegetables in order to ensure that he gets the right nutrients.

Jonathan was recorded while he was taking a bath. He did not seem to mind it all.

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