Wacky Conspiracy Theorist Calles Obama a, ‘Demon’ – POTUS’ Response Is Awesome

Alex Jones, a right-wing radio host and the founder of Infowars, declared last Monday that President Barack Obama and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton are demons. The evidence? They smell like sulfur.

Jones, well-known for his extreme conspiracy theories, believes that demons leave behind a powdered form of sulfur wherever they travel.

“She is an abject, psychopathic, demon from hell that as soon as she gets into power is going to try to destroy the planet. She’s a frickin’ demon and she stinks and so does Obama. I go, like what? Sulfur. They smell like hell.”

On Tuesday, President Obama responded to the bizarre allegations at a North Carolina Hillary Clinton rally.

“I was reading the other day: There’s a guy on the radio — who, apparently Trump appears on his show frequently — said me and Hillary are demons. Said we smell like sulfur. Ain’t that somethin’?”

The President took a moment to smell his wrist. “C’mon people!” he said, breaking into laughter.

“Democracy does not work if you just say stuff like that. And apparently, there are people who believe that stuff.”

Donald Trump has said that Alex Jones has an “amazing” reputation.

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