VIDEOL When His Sons Are Texting During Dinner. This Dad Does Something PRICELESS!

There are some parents who let their children text on the phone at almost any time of the day, and there are some who will react in ways that are a little surprising. One man’s sons were texting at the dinner table.

The video of the sons texting on their phones at the dinner table is actually a video that was created to portray just how much technology has taken over the lives of the youth of today. This short comedy film has won an award for Best Comedy.

There are many people who have seemed to relate to the hilarious antics of the actors in the video. During the video, the father tries to talk to his sons. Instead of his sons talking back to him about their day, they continue talking to their friends.

The father reacts in a way that is probably commonly seen in homes across the world. In order to annoy his children, the father gets out a typewriter and begins typing, similar to what his sons are doing but in an older form. The mother can’t help but laugh at the way the father shows his sons just how distracting they are at the dinner table.

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