VIDEO: When You See What This Deer Does You’ll Be Scratching Your Head. WOW!

The truest thing that anyone can say about nature is that it’s always surprising. People always come to it with assumptions about how the world works. And time and time again nature’s there to show us that we might not know quite as much as we think.

Take the case of an odd animal duo. If people see a golden retriever and a deer dancing and playing together, they might think it’s just a coincidence. But the truth is stranger, and more amazing, than anyone would suspect. In reality the dog and the deer are good friends.

Most people would assume that a hunting animal and a prey animal could never form a bond. But the reality is that the deer simply has an infectiously playful spirit. And when you get a playful animal around a dog, it’s usually going to be difficult for the dog to hold back his own affection. And that’s been the case with the two animal buddies. They can be seen to enjoy going into ponds together.

But not just to enjoy a drink, or a refreshing dip. Instead, the dog enjoys searching around while the deer delights in dancing and leaping with joyful abandon. Together, they make for a duo that’s sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

And that does seem to be the case, as they’ve even been featured on national broadcasts. The pair were the stars of an episode of “Animal Odd Couples”. The show focuses on unexpected animal bonds, and this pair certainly qualifies.

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