VIDEO: When A Horse Walked Up To A Camel, Not Even Zookeepers Thought This Would Happen

In this short video clip, you will see a horse get reacquainted with its longtime friend, a camel. The two spent a significant amount of time together until circumstances separated the bosom buddies. However, lest anyone think for a moment that horses don’t feel love, emotional bonds, or have a memory, think again.

As soon as the horse realized its longtime friend was reunited with it once more, it approached the camel and got up on its hind legs giving the camel what could only be described as a hug. It was as if the horse literally wrapped its arms around the camel’s neck as it could not contain its joy. In fact, the horse gave the camel no less than three such warm embraces.

This was followed up with both ungulates rubbing their necks and heads against one another in visible signs of affection. The horse then rushed up to the camel and began rubbing its head on the underside of the camel’s neck as the two motioned about one another.

The two buddies keep repeating this same head rubbing motion against one another for the remainder of the clip. One can only imagine the sheer joy that that any human being would experience over receive such a warm welcome by a loved one or long lost friend. It is without question that both animals are capable of forming deep bonds with those they love. Would that all pets were treated so kindly as to form such a bond with human beings!

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