VIDEO: Watch Him Create Amazing Art Using Just Plaster And Some Spackle

Applying drywall is not something that most people see as an artistic process. However, Bernie Mitchell uses drywall to make amazing artwork. He was once a professional drywall finisher. After working with the drywall for so long, he began to realize that he could do a lot more with them. Bernie used his creativity to make some amazing artwork using drywall.

He gets a lot of joy out of turning the drywall into three dimensional murals. The plaster-like consistency makes it great for building up forms and shapes. Bernie uses brushes, spoons and palette knives to create his artwork. He has created sculptures of wolves, pelicans and mountains using drywall.

Bernie began experimenting with drywall 20 years ago. He lives in Ontario, and he gets a lot of inspiration from seeing all of the beauty around him. Bernie has become popular in the art world because of his amazing drywall artwork. He wants his method of sculpting to become more popular.

That is why he has his own personal website, which gives people instructions for creating drywall sculptures. He also has a video that shows how he makes the drywall sculptures. Additionally, he regularly keeps people updated with his projects on his Facebook page.

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