VIDEO: This Is Too Funny. Giant Dog Figures Out Something His Owners Think He’s Too Dumb To Do

A clever Great Dane had been locked out of the living room by her owners using a baby gate, in an effort to keep her off the sofa. Perplexed at how their pooch was performing the feat of opening the gate, they set up a camera to catch her in the act.

After hearing her owner say; “Ok, we’ll be right back,” and confirming the fact of their absence with the sound of jingling keys and the door closing behind them, the Great Dane heads straight to the forbidden zone.

The dog has obviously been watching her owners operate the gate, as she goes right to work on the handle using her mouth. After a few tries, the dog manages to lift the latch and open the gate. Then, as if to ensure the gate won’t lock behind her, the dog then closes the latch on the open gate, and tests it out to make sure it doesn’t latch. Then she opens the gate again, and makes entry into the living room.

At this point, her disgusted doggie daddy comes and says to her;

“We caught you, you brat.”

Clearly he was not as thrilled with her awesome new skill as she must be.

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