VIDEO: This Bus Driver Does The Unthinkable And The Kids Beg Them To Stop. I Feel Sick

All parents need to know that their children are safe when they are not under their direct supervision. Parents entrust their precious children to others on a daily basis. They expect caregivers to protect them from harm and keep them safe.

Some parents were horrified to discover a recent event where this trust was completely and excusably violated. They were shocked to learn that a school official was caught on tape directly endangering the lives of their beloved kids.

Parents in the Alfred-Almond school district who live in the Allegany County area have recently found out that their children’s lives were put in serious potential danger by a local bus driver. Footage on the bus shows children crying out horror and agony. Kids can be heard begging the driver of their bus to stop immediately. The bus driver can also be heard responding blithely to their cries of fear with dismissive retorts.

Local parents have since learned that the reason the kids were begging the driver to stop the bus is because she was driving under the influence of alcohol. Her blood alcohol level was well above the level considered drunk.

This means that the bus driver was drunk and not in control of her faculties. In the aftermath of the incident, 55 year old resident Martha Thompson has pleaded guilty to multiple counts of child endangerment and driving under the influence.

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