VIDEO: This Brilliant Car Seat Will Likely Be The Reason Thousands Of Newborns Don’t Die

Most parents are very busy in the morning. When some parents get out the car, they realize that they have the diaper bag, but their baby is still in the car. Many people would have a hard time fathoming how a parent could leave their child in the car. However, when you are very stressed out and exhausted, it can be very easy to forget important things.

It is estimated that a child dies every other day as the result of being left inside of a hot car. The good news is that students at Rice University has created a device that will make it easier for parents to remember to take their children out of the car.

Once the temperature inside of the car reaches a certain temperature, the sensors will flash, and the device will make a sound. If the parent does not take the child out of the car seat, a text message will be sent within five minutes. The parent will continue to get text messages until they come back and get the child.

If the parent does not respond within 15 minutes, then a secondary person will be contacted. The creators of this device are hoping that people who are passing by will help when they see the sensors lighting up and a child in the car seat.

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