VIDEO: This Bird Walked Up To This Man And Did Something I Didn’t Think Was Possible. HAHA!

I always wondered where the phrase “flip the bird” originated from. After watching this video I think I have a good idea. Birds are known for their lovely feathers, gracious strides and beautiful chirps that sound like nature’s version of music. Not this bird though. Maybe there aren’t as many worms available as there use to be, maybe it has grown tired of being insulted by humans, or maybe the stresses of hard bird’s life has gotten to it.

Whatever the case may be, this little black bird doesn’t fill like emitting the beautiful chirps that we humans are accustomed to hearing, but a similar tone that we are all too familiar with.

The video starts off simple enough, a black bird flies to a man’s feet and immediately pecks at his feet. Judging from it’s non-fearing human demeanor, I assumed that this bird was a regular visitor. But the man in the video insulted the bird and told it to refrain from pecking at his feet. Seemingly out of defiance, the bird flies up to the chair the man was sitting on and stares at him directly in the face, as if it wanted to say: “insult me one more time, I dare you!”

The camera woman, presumably his spouse, told the guy to try and pet it. The guy responded with yet another insult to the bird, proclaiming that it might peck him. Apparently the bird had enough insults for the day and responded by saying “fuck you!”

I guess the moral for the day is that in order for you to get respect you must give it even if it’s a bird, because he might flip you off, literally.

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