VIDEO: They Returned a Missing Wallet With This Note Inside, It Left The Owner In Tears. WOW

Tom Cook went in to Sparks Hospital for a serious health issue. He lost his wallet in the parking lot before entering the hospital. The wallet contained all the normal things but it also held sentimental value.

It was the last gift his grandfather had given to him before he passed away. Mr. Cook called the hospital three times a day for several days hoping that someone had found and turned his wallet in at the desk.

No one had turned it in. But someone had found it. A lady had found his wallet in the parking lot but forgot to turn it in at the front desk. Living over two hours away from the hospital, she discovered she still had the wallet when she got home. So she mailed the wallet back to him along with a note explaining what had happened.

In her note she empathized with Mr. Cook, saying she was sorry he had lost his wallet. She explained that she had found it and intended on turning it in but forgot. She apologized again. She blessed him and signed her initials. Her final apology was for taking $5.90 from his wallet to use for the postage.

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