VIDEO: These Parents Went To Kiss. What Their Baby Did? OMG TOO CUTE!

This is the sweetest video you will ever see. It’s about a baby that gets jealous of dad kissing mom. This clip was filmed over the holiday which makes it even sweeter. It shows parents greeting each other with a kiss which inspires their precious baby to react.

It goes like this, dad greets mom with a kiss as she is holding their baby. This is followed by the baby promptly kissing mom. Baby doesn’t just kiss mom but actually takes her face in his hands with each kiss.

After the parents kiss a second time confirming the baby was indeed mimicking them, they proceed to kiss another 5 times. The baby plays along with each kiss. But the cutest part of all was the baby’s last kiss.

The baby decided he would kiss dad before kissing mom and then turn to the camera with the biggest smile. His expression was one of I won because I shut you down dad and got the last kiss. To the delight of the parents and everyone in the room, this is a Christmas memory they will never forget and they have the video just in case.

As parents, we are role models for our children. So we are careful to be the best we can be. This just goes to show us how funny our babies are when they get jealous. Don’t take my word for it, enjoy the video for yourself.

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