VIDEO: These Legends Collaborate For A Duet, Wait For The 2:44 Mark… Jaw Dropping!

Although artists usually stick to working with others in their same generation, every so often, time and space collide, allowing the biggest and brightest stars to work together for one brilliant duet. We saw it with Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra performing a medley together, and now we can also relive the glory of two female icons combining their powerhouse vocals to create something amazing.

In one session during a 1963 taping of The Judy Garland Show, a young Barbra Streisand joined forces with the legendary Ms. Garland. Singing a magnificent medley of uptempo tunes, the two women brilliantly riffed off of one another while harmonizing and injecting their humor and genius into each note.

At one point, Streisand breaks into a giggle that can only be described as kittenish, while Garland watches her with what seems to be a mixture of pride and great interest. There is definitely an element of the torch being passed in this incredible performance, as Garland undoubtedly recognized Streisand’s stunning vocal capacity. Streisand, meanwhile, seems positively tickled to be taking the stage with such an icon.

Indeed, it is rare that two legendary vocalists perform together, giving one another the space to be free in their artistic expression while dazzling the audience at the same time. This is one of those rare moments, and anyone who watches it will be overcome by the simplicity and perfection of this piece. Although it was probably rehearsed, the song seems so free and beautiful that one would think the two just sat together and started singing out of the blue.

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