VIDEO: These 5 Dads Stepped On Stage And Did Something No One Saw Coming. LOL!

This video shows a talent show where five dads take the stage. They start with a regular dance set to “dance of the sugar plum fairies” where they are all coordinated together. The music winds down, and starts to go into a dubstep beat.

They start pop and locking in sequence and then work on a coordination where each gets a solo dance. Several of the dads are vary talented and pull off some difficult moves. This is counter-intuitive to what the audience is expecting from these men, as their beginning dancing was very primitive and simple. Some moves include kicking above their heads and doing some popping and locking.

The music picks back up and they begin to dance back in sequence. By the time the “dance of the sugar plum fairies” picks up again, the audience is cheering wildly. These dads set the audience expectation low during the first part of their dance and then shattered the expectations when the dub step beat came on. By the end of the dance, everyone in the audience is going wild for what these average looking dads are doing.

Overall this video is both unexpected and very Christmasy. A lot of work went into preparing for this dance routine.

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