VIDEO: Stephen Colbert Attacks Ted Cruz And Fox News In This Hilarious Skit

VIDEO: Stephen Colbert Attacks Ted Cruz And Fox News  In This Hilarious Skit

Political satirist Stephen Colbert took time to do a victory lap around his studio set in a hilarious display after announcing that people learned the most about recent political campaign finance reform on his show as compared to all the other news networks. This was according to a study by the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania.

The victory lap was preceded by a response by Colbert to the Ted Cruz statement accusing the Democrats of setting fire to the First Amendment by limiting the amount of money wealthy individuals can donate to a political campaign.

Mr Colbert had set up a Super PAC and had garnered a million dollars in donations from his fans to show how recent reform made it easy to collect large amounts of money which could be spent on anything. He later announced a mysterious one million dollar donation to the Ham Rove Memorial Foundation, which used the cash to support various charities.

In his segment Colbert went on to slam both Cruz and Fox News with the statement “So let that be a lesson to you, Fox News,” Colbert said. “Show, don’t tell. If you want your viewers to have a better understanding of your editorial position, they need to see you sucking Ted Cruz’s balls.”

It seems Stephen Colbert wants Fox News to show their viewers what their relationship with Ted Cruz really is with that statement.

Watch here:

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