VIDEO: She Wraps A Ballon In Glue Soaked String. When She Pops It? So Awesome!!

Easter may be several months away, but it’s never too early to start thinking about decorations. This video shows how to make vibrant, unique Easter decor using twine, balloons, and liquid starch.

Some may wonder how these simple items can brighten a home during this holiday, but as the video demonstrates, it can be done. The host, Kayli, explains that first you need to blow up a balloon. It can be either a big one or a little one. Next, pour the liquid starch into a Tupperware container and put the twine in there. It is important that the string be laid out in a coil, not just dumped into the container, otherwise it will get tangled.

Once the twine is fully saturated, wrap it around the balloon, then hang it up to dry. Be sure to put a paper towel underneath it to catch any drips. After the balloon and twine are dry, carefully cut the top of the balloon in order to deflate it. When it is fully deflated, pull out the balloon.

Now you have an Easter egg made out of twine. A note of caution. Kayli explains that others have tried this with just starch or a starch/flour mixture. Some drawbacks include crust on the twine egg or the egg crumpling when the balloon is deflated.

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