VIDEO: She Was Watching Her Daughter’s Dog When She Discovered Something Unexplainable. LOL!

Babysitting a 10- month- old boxer has its perks. When this mom agreed to watch her daughter’s puppy she noticed something strange about the puppy’s behavior. The puppy jumped on top of her and attempted to play with her hairdryer, as she tried to blow dry her hair.

For most pets the sound of loud noises is irritating and frightening. They either want to attack the object that is making the noise or play with it. Some dogs might even think of the object as a toy or some sort of game, and seeks to play with it each time the object comes on.

This video shows the erratic behavior of the 10- month- old boxer puppy, and how she quickly reacts to the sound of the hair blower. This video shows that dogs are happy, carefree animals that are just as curious as some humans.

The puppy apparently loves the feel of the wind blowing in its face, and is not at all scared, afraid, or threatened by the sound of the dryer. What might be upsetting and irritating to other pets is definitely not a turn off to this puppy. Pets can and do exhibit some strange behaviors, and this puppy definitely proves this to be fact.

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