VIDEO: She Was Forced To Give Up The Puppy She Rescued. Days Later? This SHOCKING Twist!

A seven year-old girl named Elizabeth from New Jersey has a heart for helping animals. Elizabeth and her parents assist with volunteer pet rescue missions. She often finds herself getting attached to the animals she helps rescue.

During December 2014, she helped rescue a little puppy named Lorelai. Elizabeth became very attached to Lorelai. She was very sad when she had to hand Lorelai over for medical care so that the puppy could eventually be adopted by another family.

Elizabeth did not think she would ever see Lorelai again. Meredith Vieira heard about Elizabeth and her parents’ acts of kindness and invited them on her show. They knew that they would be honored for their good deeds, but they did know there was a surprise waiting for Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was reunited with Lorelai, and she got to take her home. Pets Plus also donated food and many of the other supplies that Lorelai needed. Elizabeth cried tears of joy. Meredith also asks Elizabeth to promise that she will always love Lorelai and take care of her. Elizabeth happily agrees. The video of the touching story has been posted on Facebook as well as many other social networking sites. It has been viewed over one million times.

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