VIDEO: She Put Shaving Cream On Her Windows! Why? The Reason Is GREAT

One of the most aggravating things about bathrooms with little to no ventilation is that the minute you take a hot shower, the steam fogs up the windows and the mirrors. Once you have foggy windows and mirrors trying to wipe away the moisture only makes the problem worse because the minute the fog is gone there are messy streaks and handprints all over the glass.

While most people have become so used to just dealing with not being able to see a thing, there’s a hack for that. This awesome hack video shows you how to get fog free windows and mirrors every time you take a steamy shower.

The most amazing thing about this hack is that it only requires something that most people already have in their bathroom. The video shows us how the power of shaving cream can be used to prevent our mirrors or windows from fogging up.

It’s a simple solution and the results last for weeks with a single application. If you want clean fog free windows and mirror without the streaks and smudges, all you have to do is apply shaving cream to the glass and wipe it clean just as you would with any window cleaner.

Once the glass is clear, you can take a hot shower and steam up the bathroom without the annoying hassle of foggy windows and mirrors. Step out of the shower and see for yourself.

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