VIDEO: She Finds A Baby Hidden In A Bag. Then She Does THIS. Many People Are Angry

A young woman walking home after school one day finds a baby zipped inside a suitcase, apparently abandoned. Rather than call the police she took the baby home to raise as her own child. The bond formed between them is beautiful and as strong as if she had given birth to the child herself.

There are countries where this is a common occurrence. Malaysia has experienced epidemic rates of child abandonment. In the six years from 2005 to 2011 there were over 500 cases of abandonment reported. The moving story told in the video is not a work of fiction; though it was dramatized by actors this situation is very real in many places around the world.

UNICEF, an organization run by the United Nations, estimates that there are approximately 153 million of the world’s children who have lost one or both of their parents, making abandonment only one of the issues facing the world’s children. That is close to the population of the United Kingdom, Canada, and France combined.

Sometimes these stories have a happy ending, as it did for the baby the woman in the video found in a suitcase. That child was fortunate to be taken in and raised as the woman’s own, and given love and a sense of belonging. This video illustrates the difference love and selflessness can make in one child’s life.

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