VIDEO: She Does WHAT With Flattened Cupcake Liners. Now I Can’t Wait For Our Next Party!

Cupcake liners aren’t just for making cupcakes and muffins anymore. If you lay them out flat on a table, you can make decorations that are beautiful and fun for almost any event. The woman in the video has an idea on how to make garland out of the liners. It’s easy to do, and you can make several different patterns with paint and other decorations.

One of the things to keep in mind about this project is that you can reuse the liners that have already contained cupcakes. You might need to brush off the crumbs, but as long as they aren’t torn, then they will work fine. However, the unused liners work best. All you need is a glue stick, some string, paint and embellishments like glitter or stickers. Straighten out the liners on a table.

This can be done with the back of a spoon or a wooden stick. When they are flat, you will put about 10 of them together so that they look like a flower. This can be done with the glue stick. If you paint the liners, make sure they are completely dry before you glue them.

After you have your flowers, put a string through the center with a small needle, and hang the garland on a wall, over a door frame or above a mantle.

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