VIDEO: Obama Has The Most Epic Way Of Handling People Who Send Him Hate Mail

There are people who like to send President Obama hate mail. That is sometimes common with people who are in a political office as there are those who don’t always agree with the views of people in charge. However, President Obama has decided to answer the people who don’t seem to think highly of him.

The President recently answered some questions about the new healthcare law in an interview. The man conducting the interview told the President that he had found out he had cancer just as the plan was being put in place. When asked about how he handles the people who hate him, Obama gives an answer most probably wouldn’t expect. He answers all of the hate mail he receives.

There are about 10 letters each evening that he reads and answers. This is only a small fraction of the thousands of letters and emails that are received. Some people call the President and idiot while others say worse things to him. He is a man who wants others to know that he is concerned about how the country feels about the job he is doing, so he makes sure he answers as many people as possible.

President Obama takes the time to explain why he does the things he does in office and for the country.

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