VIDEO: My Family Is Cracking Up After What This Puppy Does When Spotting Her Owner. HA!

A poodle waiting all day long at a doggie day care facility was captured on video recently with reaction upon seeing his owner’s return that has everyone who has seen the film in hysterics.

The brown poodle puppy is in a fenced-in area when he first spots his owner waiting to enter the sliding glass doors to pick him up. The owner’s dog is so elated to see his owner that he stands upright on his two hind legs and dances sort of an Irish jig, hopping from his left foot to his right foot and then back again, waiting in excited anticipation until he can feel his owners arms around him again.

The dog also seems to be pawing at the fencing that holds him back from running directly into the arms of his owner. During the last several seconds of his unexpected happy to see you again dance, the puppy jumps upright directly into the air for several hops, ears flying, then continues to resume his side to side action dance.

Once again he begins hopping straight up into the air for several seconds, simply not able to contain his joy at having his owner retrieve him from the daycare facility. Video watchers never get to see the dog’s face or see the happy reunion happen between dog and owner, but everyone can imagine the big wide smiles on both of their faces.

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