VIDEO: Man Wipes Away Makeup On His Face To Reveal Something No One Could Ever Fathom. WOW

Some people go to great lengths to show the world who they are on the inside. We all have a need to stand out and be seen for who we are. It could be as simple as the clothes you wear or the way you do your hair, or it could be a little more dramatic like in the case of Rico.

Rock is a model, DJ, and recording artist. When he wears make-up, most people wouldn’t give him a second glance. Without it though, he seems to experience two wildly different reactions from the people he meets. Covered in tattoos depicting his skeleton from his face to his hands, Rico feels judged by people every day. Though he doesn’t feel like his skin makes him any different than anyone else, others don’t quite feel the same way. In fact, he tells of a time when he held the door open for a woman, only to have her choose a door farther away so she wouldn’t have to be near him.

Despite his dramatic appearance though, Rico doesn’t have a problem making friends. He says he actually has more friends now than he did before, which is something that he is even a little uncomfortable with. Those who do want to befriend him are usually people who are in the same position as him.

Even with all of the judgements and stares Rico receives, he says he is proud of who he is and wants to encourage others to do the same. His message is to “feel proud of who you are for what you are and not to let others’ judgements get in your way”.

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