VIDEO: Just When You Thought Fox news Couldn’t Get More Disgusting They Do This

One slip of the tongue and suddenly, the news host is the one making the news. Just ask Megyn Kelly, of Fox News, who in her introduction of former governor and talking head Mike Huckabee, said, “F*ckabee” instead of Huckabee, the name of his show.

Just add this one to Megyn Kelly’s list. Kelly is no stranger to on-air blunders; actually this one is minor compared to some of her others. She’s run the gamut, everything from declarations of Santa’s skin color to lying about poll numbers to setting up upcoming stories with teasers that are false.

Sure, she’s pretty but there’s more than one conservative blond able to read from a prompter and chances are that person may think twice before going in front of millions of people and editorializing instead of reporting the news. The reality is that dropping an f-bomb every now and again will keep Kelly in the news and will benefit her career.

If Kelly were on another network or something other than the conservative pundit that she has come to be, she would be facing a suspension or held accountable in some other way, but she is not. Kelly is part of the line-up on the channel that is quick to point out the flaws in others, but just as quick to hide behind the “Christian” label when they screw up. Fair and balanced?

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