Video: It Might Look Silly, But His Cooking Trick Resulted In The Best Burger I Ever Had

Do you enjoy reading tips to boost your grilling skills? Today, many excellent barbecue chefs benefit from learning a few quick smart food preparation tricks to enhance meal quality. You won’t even need to attend a school of haute cuisine to grill right along with expert foodies by taking this information to heart!

Clean Your Grill More Easily

No one appreciates cleaning the messy, grime-encrusted aftermath a barbecue session leaves on the grill. As hot flames sear meat, they often leave tiny specs of cooked tissue clinging to the metal rack. Grease will drip from the sizzling food, allowing burn embers to remain stuck to the surface. Yes, washing up after a big barbecue often requires a lot of time and scrubbing!

Did you know you can take some effective measures to speed up cleaning? While the grill still remains warm, simply crumple up a wad of cheap aluminum foil and use it to remove visible debris from the metal. You won’t need to spend money purchasing and washing an expensive grill brush, yet the simple step of going over the surface with the aluminum foil will reduce the cleaning task ahead considerably.

Periodically, you’ll want to include a second step in your grille care protocol. This step requires the use of a fresh onion. Slice one in half, then gently scrub the metal surface with the exposed section. The natural substances released during this process will help remove grease deposits from the grille. Afterwards, washing with dish soap and water proves much easier!

Grille a More Attractive Fish Dish

Have you encountered problems preparing an aesthetic grilled fish dish because of burning or portions of food sticking to the metal surface and tearing? Don’t feel bad, many cooks experience the same issues. Preparing a truly attractive meal of grilled fish requires practice.

One step experienced fish preparers recommend won’t require much effort to accomplish. Yet you’ll notice the great results immediately!

Instead of grilling your meal and then adding a garnishment of lemon to the top, consider reversing the process. Slice fresh lemon and place several pieces directly over the grille. Then lay the fish on top for seamless grilling. The resulting dish will appear evenly cooked without burnt portions. Plus, the enveloping taste of lemon will linger in the cooked fish. Before serving, you can choose to add an extra lemon garnish on the grilled fish purely for display purposes, or not.

Enjoy Juicy Grilled Patties

Whether you enjoy grilling hamburger patties or veggie burgers, a common complaint associated with this form of food preparation relates to the drying effects of flames. How often have you tasted a cooked burger that seemed tough after leaving the grille? Now, you can use a very simple technique practiced by many professional chefs to overcome this problem.

After you place a burger on the grille, simply add an ice cube on top. As the food cooks, the ice will gradually melt. Using butter instead of an ice cube achieves the same juicy results, although that approach does increase the caloric and fatty content of the food significantly.

By getting into the habit of adding ice cubes atop grilling burgers, you’ll soon gain a reputation for exceptional cooking abilities. Try this simple technique the next time you conduct a barbecue!

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