VIDEO: Homeless Man Only Wanted $1 For Some Food. What This Stranger Did Instead? SHOCKING!

Alex Camarillo is living proof that goodness pays. Stopping to do a good deed landed him more than the warm fuzzies most of us expect after doing a fellow human being a good turn – he made a new lifelong friend in the process.

One day while out shopping for a new truck, Alex was approached by Stanley Long, a homeless man asking for money to buy food. Alex upped the ante by inviting him to lunch at a nearby Pizza Hut. After getting to know each other over a friendly meal, Alex was moved to help his new friend out even more by taking him shopping for clothes, buying him a completely new outfit head to toe.

Stanley, who quit his job a few years ago to care for his elderly mother, was unable to rejoin the workforce after she died and eventually ended up on the streets. He wasn’t the only one who received generously that day. He is now close friend with Alex, and the two still meet for lunch regularly.

Stanley received kindness and consideration that day, and Alex was touched by Stanley’s spirit of positivity and happiness. They both got a new friend that day, and will continue bettering each others lives all stemming from a single kind deed.

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