People may be skeptical, especially those who do not have pets, allowing a dog with sharp nails, teeth and long fur to get so close to a baby’s face. That is not the case with this family. The mom was not the least worried about her gentle, loving little dog who was family before the birth of his playfellow.

Corky, the cute little chihuahua doggie, loves the new addition to the family. He adores the baby so much that he watches over her and tries playing with her by bouncing the baby’s seat when she is in it. The attention of the baby looking around at him seems to make Corky happy, and he looks as if he is smiling!

In fact, Corky had started to bounce the baby on his own a little and the mom found her dog doing so, which made her afraid at first because Corky got so close to the new baby.

She was shocked that her dog could do such a cute trick, so she started telling Corky to “bounce the baby!” When she showed him a treat, he went right for the bouncing.

He would do it a few times then turn back to his master, looking up at her as if to ask her for some kind of reward. Since he learned to get rewarded for his bouncing, doing what the mom commanded, he had more fun in doing it! He barked and got excited every single time he bounced that baby!

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