VIDEO: He Noticed Something In The Distance About To Die. What He Does Next Has Me Cheering Him On

The story of a dog named Jordan helps show both the horror of animal abuse and neglect, and the love that comes from those who make sure that they recover, if at all possible.

The situation first came to light approximately five months ago when someone claimed to have seen a homeless man cut off Jordan’s hind leg before then throwing him 30 feet down into the Los Angeles River.

Volunteers from the animal protection agency L.A. on Cloud 9 notified another prominent organization named Hope for Paws to alert them to the situation.

Jordan was able to survive by sitting on some debris at the riverbed’s bottom. His condition was such that he was unable to react when those individuals came to rescue him, since he was overwhelmed with shock and tremendous pain.

After being treated by a local veterinary clinic and then nursed back to health by a woman named Linda Chiarelli, Jordan has since been adopted by a loving family. The doctor treating Jordan said that it was a miracle that he survived.

During the time that Jordan was on the street, he was suffering from bacterial infections, malnutrition and mange. While being treated, he was given a blood transfusion before having surgery performed the following day. Two days later, Chiarelli brought him to live with her while he recovered.

Two weeks after the surgery, Jordan had stitches removed and gained strength through physical therapy. The family that adopted him recently posted photos of him on Flickr.

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