VIDEO: He Lets His Dog Into The River. What He Comes Back With Hanging From His Jaws? Wow!

Sometimes, dogs exhibit behaviors that are so close to human that it is hard to believe that they are actually descended from wild animals. Other times, they show their animal nature and instincts very brazenly. These two pit bulls, when they were being looked after by their owner’s friend, were able to exhibit their hunting instincts in quite an impressive way.

What they do is run into a river, and wade through to catch salmon. They then quickly bring the salmon to shore. It is amazing to watch them and what they are capable of doing; the salmon are surprisingly big, and these dogs do not seem to be having a problem just carrying them around in their mouths. The video that shows this happening does state that the salmon were thrown back into the water at the end and were not killed by the dogs.

The owner does make it clear in the video description that he would not have allowed these dogs to do this himself, because it is not good for the natural habitat of the salmon. However, that does not make it less impressive that the dogs were able to so easily catch these fish and carry them to shore.

They had to have some real hunting talent in order to do this, and it is definitely something to see. These dogs would likely easily be able to survive in the wild if they were ever in the sort of situation where they would have to.

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