VIDEO: He Asked His Dogs To Roll Over. But When His Cat Mimicked Them, I Died Laughing!

It’s easy to find videos of highly trained dogs on the Web. There are enough clips of canines doing a bunch of fun tricks or acting all cute to last an entire life. However, in this case we have an animal trainer that demonstrates a twist. Here, we have not just dogs but cats doing the same tricks.

In this instance, a feline takes cues from his dog companions and acts exactly the same as they do upon command. It’s practically unheard of to see a cat taking any command other than getting petted or receiving food. That’s why this is so special.

The trainer begins by telling all the animals to lay down. The two dogs crouched down with the cat doing the same, shockingly enough. Then the trainer instructs each of the dogs to roll over with a hand gesture. Each of them do so. Using the same gesture, the cat follows suit in exactly the same way.

With cats are generally known to march to their own drummer, this occurrence could be both hilarious and fascinating for cat owners across the world. According to the ASPCA, there are certain guidelines for training cats including using snacks and clicking noises. Cats are not that keen on punishment, it should be noted as well. The type of trained behavior demonstrated here, however, is simply not that common at all.

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