VIDEO: For All The Moms Out There. Check Out What Happens When A Man Experience Child Birth Pains!

Some people are so creative that they are able to entertain others in ways that no one else would have been able to dream up. Penn and Kim Holderness are two of these people. This couple was put into the spotlight when they created a video Christmas card in 2013 that ended up going viral. Penn ended up quitting his job, and the couple has since been producing videos that are both clever and entertaining to the many people online who are watching them.

Penn decided to do something very unique that could be seen as an interesting tribute to mothers on Mother’s Day. With his wife standing by his side, he decided to simulate the experience of childbirth on video. Of course, he was nervous, since he obviously had never given birth before and was about to go into territory that most men will never experience.

What happened was that the doctor induced pain, first at low levels, and then gradually going up to levels that are similar to those experienced by women who are undergoing childbirth. This man went through all of this on video, and while it is funny to watch, it is also nice to see that he was willing to experience that and have a better understanding of what women go through when they are having babies.

After the childbirth simulation, Penn Holderness definitely has more of an appreciation for mothers and everything that they go through for their children, starting from the very beginning.

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