VIDEO: Ellen Page SLAMS Ted Cruz On Gay Rights. He Looked Like An IDIOT!

Canadian actress Ellen Page made an appearance at the Iowa State Fair on August 21 to question Senator Ted Cruz on his position regarding gays and transgenders. Cruz, not surprisingly, replied to Page’s inquiry by defending religious liberty. He stated that the current political climate promotes the persecution of Christians, who now must fight to live their lives according to their chosen faith. Kind of like the gay community – persecuted and struggling to achieve social acceptance.

Their discussion ranged from homosexuality in the contexts of Jamaican gay violence, gays facing persecution in the Middle east, and the possibility of a gay florist having to provide flowers for an evangelical wedding ceremony.

Page has always been up front with her disapproval for Cruz’s conservative approach and once scolded the senator on Twitter for not understanding the benefits of public health care. The 28-year-old has always supported gay rights and has been a big pusher for marriage equality. She is also very concerned with issues of human rights, a woman’s right to choose and climate change.

On Valentine’s Day, Page gave a speech in which she said that the world would be a much better place if people stopped being so awful to one another. She emphasized that it is so easy to take a minute out of each day to appreciate other people’s beauty and individuality instead of focusing on differences. Right on, Ellen. You just keep being awesome.

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