VIDEO: Doctor Pronounces His Patient Dead, But Then Has One More Thing To Do With The Body. OMG!!

When a patient is pronounced dead, there is usually nothing that can be done. However, there are some people who are miracle cases, and when doctors go back to examine them, they are alive. If the doctor didn’t have to do one thing before leaving the patient in the care of others who would take care of the body, he might not have picked up on the one sign that showed he was still alive.

The patient was driving one day and started to fee sick. His boss told him that he should go to the emergency room, so he took the advice and was seen by a doctor. When he entered the hospital, he collapsed. Doctors rushed to help him, shocking him several times in about 40 minutes.

The doctor pronounced the man dead. Leaving the room because he thought that everything had been done for the man, the doctor heard a voice that told him to go back to examine the patient again. Thinking he was hearing things, the doctor kept walking, but he heard the voice again telling him to turn around.

He was told to pray for the patient. The nurse was taking care of the body while the doctor began praying over him, asking God to raise him from the dead if he didn’t know God. The doctor told another doctor in the room to shock him one more time. There was an immediate heart beat. It was truly a miracle.

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