VIDEO: Daddy Challenges Baby To A Dance Off. When It’s His Son’s Turn? I’m Dying!

A lot of us probably think that when we dance or act silly in front of babies, they don’t realize what we’re doing. However, one dad quickly realized that his infant son was a lot more perceptive than he thought.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, one unnamed dad begins doing a silly dance routine, while his infant son watches completely transfixed. However, the baby isn’t happy to just lie back and watch dad have all the fun. Instead, he begins to mimic his father’s moves. They repeat this, going back and forth in what can only be described as a “dance off.”

The video has been shared all over social media, with viewers wowed by how well the tyke perceives and replicates his dad’s moves. The mother is the one filming the video and can be heard laughing throughout. She can also be heard commenting that she thinks their son “won” the dance off.

It’s absolutely heartwarming to see a dad having so much fun with his son. Furthermore, it’s amazing to see a baby who can mimic so well despite being so tiny. It’s no wonder that internet users all over the world have been captivated by this adorable video!

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