VIDEO: Cyclist’s GoPro Catches The Moment He Crashed Into This Unlikely Thing

Oh deer!

Silas Patlove got the surprise of his life as he was cycling down a hill a few days ago in Sausalito, California. Patlove was traveling about 30 miles per hour on his bike near the Golden Gate Bridge when all of a sudden a deer jumped out from the bushes and straight into his path, leaving Patlove no time to stop!

Patlove was wearing a helmet with a camera attached which captured the whole accident. Watching the video of the incident may leave you jumping back upon impact. The deer really does come out of no where with no warning at all. After the collision, he landed on his back, hitting the back of his head. Patlove credits his helmet to saving him from a head injury and possibly even saving his life. The accident left Patlove with a mild concussion and a little memory loss while the deer was able to leap up and dart away from the scene. Motorists stopped to help him after witnessing the collision.

Luckily both Silas Patlove and the deer survived their accident together however Patlove’s bike was unfortunately not so lucky. His handlebars and stem were sheared off after the crash.

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