VIDEO: As Soon As Her Groom Opened His Mouth She Was Left Breathless And In Tears

It is amazing how two people from diverse backgrounds can come together and fall in love. It is said that love is among one of the powerful forces in the world. This incredible story of Simran Malhotra and Frank Gregoire will leave you awed.
These two lovebirds are from different continents of the world. Simran is from India while Frank is a Canadian. They fell in love and later got engaged. After the engagement, Frank came up with an amazing idea to please the woman he loved on their wedding day.

The idea was exceptional though challenging, but he still decided to go through with it. Frank only had a short period of six weeks to learn the lyrics of a special Hindi song. He, however, did not disclose anything to his soon to be bride. It was a well-kept secret.

He practiced until it was perfect. The Tum Hi Ho is a song from a 2013 Bollywood movie called Aashiqui 2 starring Aditya Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor. The song talks about one’s sincere gratitude for true love. It also explains how life would be miserable without the one you love.

The lyrics of the Tum Hi Ho song truly express one’s inner desires and appreciation for the one they love. It was an emotional moment for Simran as her eyes welled up with tears. Frank had indeed given her the best wedding present. It was an outstanding performance as he played elegantly on the piano. It was indeed a beautiful love story that inspired many.

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