VIDEO: 5 Strange Men Come Up Behind Her While She’s At Work. When She Sees Them, I Lost It!

There is a heartwarming video online that shows everyone deserves to have a chance at love. A 38 year-old man named Salvatore in the video wants to surprise his girlfriend by asking her to move in with him. The girlfriend’s name is Caterina. Both Canterina and Salvatore are adults with Down’s Syndrome.

Salvatore decides to surprise Canterina at her job. He brings in a group of guys who do an acapella version of Nora Jones’ song “Come Away With Me.” When Canterina turns around, Salvatore gets down on one knee and presents Canterina with the key to his house.

The video was actually made for World Down Syndrome Day. The purpose of World Down Syndrome Day is to raise awareness about the importance of helping people with this disorder live as independently as possible. At the end of the video, there is a caption that says “Many couples like Canterina and Salvatore dream of living together. “Let’s help them realize this dream.”

The video was photographed by Italy’s National Association Of People With Down Syndrome. It is entitled “The Special Proposal.” The video has been liked over 278,000 times on Facebook. It has also been viewed over 63,000 times on YouTube.

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