Vicente Fox Contradicts Trump’s Claim that Mexico Will Pay for Border Wall

Vicente Fox Contradicts Trump’s Claim that Mexico Will Pay for Border Wall

Although former reality star Donald Trump has managed to get into a lot of kerfuffles during his short time in politics, his beef with former Mexican president Vicente Fox has been one for the ages. After all, “Build the wall” became Trump’s major rallying cry when he was speaking in front of big crowds during the 2016 election. After he realized that the prospect of building the wall got such a huge response, he then added on to his promise by stating that Mexico would pay for the wall.

Trump supporters would go wild with enthusiasm whenever he repeated these campaign promises, but the problem was that they weren’t based in fact. When a video of Vicente Fox saying that he wouldn’t pay for that “f’n wall” went viral, it seemed as if someone was finally going to take Trump to task. Meetings with the current Mexican president followed, but he didn’t see to be able to get a commitment regarding the wall. In fact, many reports indicated that the didn’t even discuss the wall with the current Mexican president. Hillary Clinton pointed this out during one of their debates, poking fun at Trump’s apparent inability to get the job done. However, Trump continued to use the “Build the wall” tactic all the way to the White House.

In recent days, however, it has became abundantly clear that Mexico has absolutely no intention for paying for such a wall. Furthermore, Mexican immigration to the States is down. With many people calling for him to stick to his promises, Trump was forced to put out some kind of statement regarding the wall; otherwise he would risk alienating his rabid supporters. In a fit of panic, he tweeted that America would initially be responsible for the construction costs, but then Mexico would kick in with funds and reimburse the U.S. for the wall.

Once again, Vicente Fox was in no mood for Donald Trump. And if his next tweet is any indication, the former Mexican official is just as adept as using Twitter’s platform as Trump himself. Doubling down on his viral statement, Fox once again used an expletive to illustrate his point. Stating again that the Mexican government would not be paying for the “f’n wall”, Fox stated that Americans better be careful—because they would be stuck with the bill in the end. In a political world full of colorful characters, Vicente Fox truly stands out as an original.

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