US Officials Drop the Trump-Russia Bombshell America Has Been Waiting For

US Officials Drop the Trump-Russia Bombshell America Has Been Waiting For

With CNN reporting that the FBI has gathered information verifying collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives, many believe that impeachment is inevitable. The information that the FBI has uncovered includes travel records, electronic communications and more.

The CNN report identifies specific individuals who are likely targets of the FBI investigation. Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, investment banker Carter Page, former National Security Advisor General Flynn and Trump aligned political figure Roger Stone are all included on this list.

According to CNN, US officials have informed them that the FBI information suggests that these Trump associates communicated with Russian operatives to arrange for the release of information that would be detrimental to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. This is partly what James Comey, Director of the FBI, was referring to when he informed Congress that his agency is investigating the Trump campaign’s association with Russia.

All relevant information is currently being reviewed by the FBI, with specific scrutiny being directed towards human intelligence, business and phone records and travel. There are also firsthand accounts of one-on-one meetings. While the information is not does not lead to absolute conclusions and the investigation is still in progress, enough information has been revealed to make FBI counterintelligence investigators take notice.

This is also most likely the information that Democratic Representative Adam Schiff, ranking House Intelligence Committee member, was referring to when he stated that the committee is now in possession of more than circumstantial evidence.

While the previously leaked batch of unverified information put together by a former British intelligence official alluded to the likelihood of a nefarious relationship between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives, US officials have made it clear that the information they are now referring to did not come from that source.

If President Trump or people associated with his campaign colluded with Russian operatives to win the presidential campaign, then it seems all of the associated secrets are being revealed by US intelligence agencies. As the prospect of impeachment is a growing possibility, some believe that President Trump should begin to consider resignation. There are those who strongly feel that he should have never made it to the White House, and that he should not be permitted to stay there.

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