Two Big Horses Love Hanging Out With Each Other. But Watch The Black Cat…

Two Big Horses Love Hanging Out With Each Other. But Watch The Black Cat…

Symbiosis can make strange friends in the animal kingdom. With all the advances in technology, mankind is not even close enough to understanding the communication that goes on between animals – whether verbal or physical, the instinctual differentiation of when creatures can convey that they mean no harm is beyond our comprehension. The following video shows two horses tending to each other with a friendly farm cat in tow.

People from all walks of life can appreciate the community that farm animals cultivate among themselves. Rural folks take it for granted while city slickers are sometimes taken aback by it. Creatures tending to the needs of everyday life and helping each other out in what they can not do. This story seems to be a simple one as two like minded horses groom each other on any typical day. Viewers soak in the elements of cooperation as the camera pans out. An aura of friendship envelops and surprisingly it involves one of the horses and the cat that lovingly chooses her as a perch to survey the landscape from. Visuals can accomplish so much more in the presence of the back story.

Here we have Champy the horse and Morris the cat. In their days under the Australian sun, the cat has chosen this place to spend most of its lounging about time. Morris is so used to this that he can now avoid scampering onto and with one graceful jump land deftly on the horse’s posterior. The real mystery is why the horse allows the cat to do this rent free. Upon further investigation, the owners reveal that Champy had recently given birth and lost her foal. A traumatic experience can best be healed with the assistance of others. Nature seems to have imparted this impression on these creatures as Champy is allowed more of a sense of peace to deal with the loss of the young one.

Out of all the creatures in the world, horses are some of the most social of animals. They give and receive empathy from not only humans but other horses as well as cats it seems. As Champy meanders around the farm with Morris on her back, let us all appreciate and soak in the scene. We can all learn something from the animal kingdom. Here is that we can find friends in all types of social circles. People can be stronger through the teamwork and empathy that Champy and Morris have displayed for us today.

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