Trump’s Campaign Left Manager Speechless After Asked This One Question About His Character

Trump’s Campaign Left Manager Speechless After Asked This One Question About His Character

There is no question that Donald Trump is one of the worst, if not the very worst, candidates for President of the United States that has ever been nominated. The man is clearly out of his element in a political setting, and the longer he attempts to make his platform stand, the more people realize the man is nothing but a danger to the country and those around him. He does, however, still have the support of several die-hard Republicans, mostly because they hate Hillary Clinton so much that they are willing to completely overlook Trump’s grotesque nature.

One such supporter of Trump is his campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway. Her job is one that has left her in a horrible position, but it’s one she doesn’t even seem to realize she is in. It isn’t as if managing the campaign of such a vitriolic candidate is easy, and as the manager of the campaign, Conway ends up taking a lot of heat for the mistakes made by the candidate. Ironically, she would also receive none of the credit were Trump to win since it is clear to those who understand Trump’s nature how he treats those beneath him, and he sees everyone as beneath him.

Conway has had to make appearances before the media on multiple occasions to defend the ridiculous statements made by Trump. She recently made an appearance on Anderson Cooper 360, and as is tradition for the Trump campaign in general, she brought up the topic of Bill Clinton’s sexual history and the scandals that went along with it. This is a classic diversion tactic often taken by the Trump campaign to displace negative attention from Trump to Hillary. Conway’s basic argument is that Trump should be able to get away with bragging about sexual assault because Bill Clinton cheated on his wife, consensually, nearly 20 years ago.

Conway goes on to say in her interview with Cooper that Clinton ended up paying an out-of-court settlement of $850,000 to Paula Jones, a woman who sued Clinton for sexual harassment. Conway attempts to make the point that innocent parties don’t typically settle out of court, and while she was very clearly pleased with herself for her statements and her analogy, she forgot one crucial detail about the candidate she was actually there to promote.

Cooper pounced on the arrogant woman’s assertion with a rebuttal that she clearly didn’t expect. He asked her why she would assume the guilt of Bill Clinton for settling out of court when Trump has literally settled out of court dozens of times. He’s not only settled many, many times, but he has also brazenly bragged about it as if it were a feat to be proud of. Under Conway’s definition of out-of-court settlements, Trump is guilty of far more nefarious acts than Clinton.

Of course, Conway was unable to respond to such a pointed and excellent rebuttal. She pauses for a few moments while attempting to form a response, but she merely mumbles something incomprehensible before instantly trying to circle the conversation back to Hillary Clinton. Hopefully Conway learned an important lesson during that interview with Anderson Cooper, but it is much more likely that she will continue with her empty-headed and blind support of Donald Trump. The fact that Conway spent the majority of the interview bashing Clinton instead of promoting Trump shows the true state of the Trump campaign. They’ve learned they can’t win by showcasing Trump and his horribleness, so they’ve reverted to demonizing their opponent so Trump seems like a viable alternative. Fortunately, most educated people are easily able to see through the lies and misdirection.

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