Trump Hangs Portrait Of Genocidal Racist In The Oval Office

Trump Hangs Portrait Of Genocidal Racist In The Oval Office

The New York Times reported that President Donald Trump has adorned the Oval Office wit a portrait of President Andrew Jackson. For those who don’t realize the man on the $20 bill is responsible for overwhelming numbers of deaths, he is. President Jackson was personally responsible for the actions that led to the Trail of Tears.

If you’re disgusted by the amount of blood on President Jackson’s hands, then you can understand why it’s so distasteful to have his portrait in the Oval Office.

Many see this as a foreboding sign – too many similarities can be drawn between President Jackson and his policies regarding Native Americans and President Trump and his policies regarding Latinos. President Trump has even said of Andrew Jackson that he is “an amazing figure in American history – very unique in so many ways.”

This admiration of Andrew Jackson has led many to believe that President Trump has every bit as racist, ignorant, and full of apathy as they had feared he would be.

All of which is backed up by his political moves, which include new executive orders that ban immigration from 7 different Muslim countries, build a wall between the US and Mexico, start the foundation for an American Muslim registry, hugely expand that Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s ability to deport illegal immigrants, reinstates the CIA’s hidden torture program, and creates a weekly propaganda publication, to be issued by the government.

This is our call to action, to stand united against President Trump and his xenophobic cleansing agendas!

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