This Puppy Was Confused With The Noise Coming Out Of The Computer. How It Reacts? LOL!

Animals are creatures of instinct, even domestic animals living their entire lives as pets understand the call of the wild. Take for example Ellie an adorable Pomeranian puppy.

Her owner wondered what Ellie would do upon hearing the call of her wild kin, howling wolves. He found a sound clip on YouTube and played it for his cute little bundle of fur.

Ellie is a little nervous when she first encounters the desolate howls. She hears the noise and isn’t sure what to make of the feral cries. She quickly hops back to the safety of her bed and covers her head. But in moments she pops back up and cocks her head from left to right.

She’s curious about the sounds and begins listening intently. After hearing the howls for only a few seconds Ellie knows just what to do. She lets her instincts take over, lifts her head up and howls. She has become a bold and brave warrior, in the armor of a tiny little bundle of fur. She mimics the howls of her cousins putting all of her little soul into her wild cries. Ellie’s howl may be tiny, but it is full of heart.

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