This Grandma Elephant Rushes In When She Sees What’s Happening To This Baby Elephant…

Many animals will take care of the younger ones that are in the pack or group. Elephants, no matter how old they are, are no exception. When one elephant sees another in danger, then it will usually do anything possible to help.

Some baby elephants like to get themselves in situations where they are stuck and can’t get out. They might be playing in mud and are unable to free themselves from the sinking ground around them.

The babies are often protected by their mothers and fathers while they are little as they have to learn about ways to stay out of trouble. There are times when a mother doesn’t know what to do, so the grandmother has to show her skills.

A baby is stuck in a large area of mud. He appears to sink farther the more that he moves. The mother does everything that she can to try to free her baby. She is unsuccessful as she doesn’t seem to have the strength to pull the baby free.

A larger elephant, the grandmother, quickly comes to the rescue. She moves the mother of the baby out of the way, and using her body, she helps get the baby out of the mud.

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