This Dad Built 2 Benches In The Backyard. Now Keep Your Eye On The Sand… This is Brilliant!

Nostalgia combined with a backyard hack have the do it yourself warriors chomping at the bit to try this project. Who doesn’t remember the sand box growing up? Whether in the yard or at the local park, this gathering ground provided free fun in the sun many hours a day all summer long. Parents loved this as it was out of mind but still in sight. Now with budgets being tighter than ever, someone has come up with a process to both protect the sand pit and transform it into a deck when the kids are not using it.

This is a project that has immense savings and many uses to it as long as you plan in advance. Envision what colors you want your bench and box to be. After cutting the boards and before their assembly, it is imperative to paint the proper parts right now. Messy jobs will be avoided with this preventive measure. Next in his video, Rob Palmer implores his viewers to construct a base to the sand pit. Besides providing additional structural stability, it elevates the sand just enough off the ground to provide proper drainage. Math is your friend here as if both diagonals measure the same after assembly then your base is square. Upon this confirmation, secure the rest of the boards to the base and we are ready for the next steps.

One needs the vertical element to be installed next as this is necessary for sand retention. Carefully watch the video and take notes on this step. A methodical mindset best serves you well as this is the grunt work of the project. Elect to use longer anchor screws for this portion of fastening the vertical walls to the base. A valuable hint is given by the narrator. For additional stability, utilize a slight angle when driving the screw through the wood.

When starting to assemble the second tier, it is important to fasten the pieces with just one screw instead of two for the time being. This gives you more flexibility and makes it much easier to perform adjustments if the situation warrants it. Now watch as the next color layer is put down next to it and attached with hinges. Fold the two on top of each other and adhere the third piece in the vertical dimension as seen in the video. Now a simple maneuver gives you the bench to sit on or when it is all unfolded the cover for the sand box.

The remainder of the video completes the construction and adds an element of additional safety. Do not forget to put the latches on at the very end. It keeps the benches locked in position and eliminates pinch points for the children. A few tools like a table saw and cordless drill greatly make this job much easier. A day in the sun putting it all together from start to finish translates into seasons worth of family fun. Watch the video a few times and take careful notes as this is one backyard innovation that active families do not want to miss out on.

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