They Were Surrounded By Hundreds Of Scary Bikers. But Make Sure You Don’t Take Your Eyes Off…

Just the thought of walking into a biker bar or clubhouse is frightening to many people. Most people would be intimidated. So is it really a surprise that people would do the same in a movie theater filled with bikers?

And if there were only two seats remaining in that theater?

A large group of bikers entered a theater, filling the screening room almost to max capacity. Just two seats remained in the room when another couple walked in. Scanning the room, the couple made the decision to walk out. As did another couple, and another. One woman tried to take one of the two remaining seats, but her partner practically dragged her out of the theater.

So just what was the occasion?

The theater screening was actually part of a commercial for Carlsberg Beer. The couples entered the screening room without knowing that they would be filmed. The bikers waited patiently while waiting for people to fill the two remaining seats.

The commercial continued to film throughout the day and the few souls who decided to push stereotypes aside found themselves rewarded. After the couples were seated, the lights were dimmed. The bikers cheered for them, raising their bottles as in acknowledgment before passing two of the brews to the couple, thus revealing their secret.

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