They Were Saved Through An Open Window From Death. But It Wasn’t Until Later They Saw A Miracle

Back in 2006, Charlene Deherrera was driving home from her job in the midst of a heavy rainstorm and flash flooding, when she quickly found herself trapped in her SUV as it sank in approximately 10 feet of water.

Due to the poor driving conditions, Deherrera had been driving with her windows all the way up. By the time she realized what was taking place, the SUV had sunk deep enough that it was impossible to roll the windows down in order to escape.

A number of nearby people saw what was happening and immediately tried to rescue Deherrera. First, a Dr. Khosla furiously attempted to break the glass with a stick, but was unsuccessful.

Deherrera was eventually rescued when a man named Howard Absetz blindly reached into the submerged vehicle until she grabbed hold of his arm.

While all involved were happy with the end result, the question remained exactly how Absetz able to save Deherrera. When the SUV was later pulled from the water, all of the windows were still rolled up and each of the doors were closed tight.

Previous tests of what takes place in this type of situation have found that it’s impossible to roll down a window in even two feet of water, much less 10 feet. Also, a door can be opened underwater, but only after the inside has been completely filled with water. Neither of those situations took place, so the mystery over what’s seen as a miraculous escape figures to continue.

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