They Put A Bubble Bath In These Tiger’s Cage. Now Watch The Most Adorable Thing Ever!

Everyone loves a bubble bath, and this adorable tiger got to experience the luxury for himself when his keepers added some bubbles to his enclosure and filmed the whole thing for us to enjoy.

Boomer and Slade are two tigers who live at the Center for Animal Research and Education. This Texas-based organization rescues wildlife like the big cats featured in the video and give them natural habitats to live out their lives and use them as examples to educate the public on the importance of conserving wildlife and not adopting any of these animals as pets.

As awfully cute as Boomer and Slade appear in the video shared by handler Derek on his YouTube account, BigCatDerek, it’s clear from the moment their massive paws launch them into the metal kiddy-pool-sized tub of foam that they’re no house cats.

The two tigers can barely contain their excitement over the sudsy goodness, and the video shows them curiously tapping at the water before diving in and getting themselves soaked as they paw, nibble and playfully wrestle in the pool.

They even take some breaks to just relax in the water and gaze out at their enclosure and handlers, all of whom are having a great time watching the cats live it up.

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