They Heard A Strange In The Water. Now Keep Your Eye On The Guy On The Right…

A group of people sailing near the gulf of Naples, Italy were surprised when they heard a squeaking noise in the water near their boat.

Confused, the group of sailors began to scan the water to see where the sound was coming from. The squeaking noise began to get louder, and they eventually noticed something swimming toward their boat.

One of the people on board went to the bow of the boat to get a better view of what was swimming toward it, and he was surprised to see a dog swimming toward the boat.

A small Labrador retriever was frantically swimming through the choppy waters, trying desperately to stay afloat.

After a bit of struggling, the people on the boat managed to get the tired dog on board. One woman on the boat gave the dog a kiss on the head, thankful he was safe.

The dog’s rescuers later discovered that the he had fallen off of a boat just ahead of theirs. The dog’s owners had said that they pleaded with the captain of their boat to turn around, but he refused.

Thankfully, the dog was strong enough to reach the other boat and the sailors were kind enough to pull him on board.

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